The Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) is the primary body for and home of Professional Speakers in Southern Africa. The PSASA and its members enjoy and maintain full membership accreditation to the Global Speakers Federation (GSF).

(Please join us at a chapter meeting before making the decision to join the PSASA - we would love to talk to you first about what you are looking for and what we have to offer)

Annual Convention - 13 to 15 April 2018

Great opportunity to push ahead with your speaking career!

KZN Chapter Meetings May 2018

PSASA KZN Chapter Meeting
Tuesday, 15 May 2018

SICA’s Conference Facility and Hotel
19 Owen Ave Berea

Hello PSASA Members and Guests

I trust this finds you fabulous!

The PSASA is the professional association for speakers in Southern Africa. It is the place to meet with and learn from some of the best Speakers, Aspiring Speakers, Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches, Educators and Keynoters.

Our members are versatile and diverse. They represent all aspects of the speaking industry.

Our 15 May 2018 meeting will focus on building stamina to succeed.

Members please send me your First Time Guest’s Name, Email and Cell so that I may send them a qualifying CODE for their bookings.

Our Speakers will pack this meeting with their expertise and tips to make for growth in your Speaker Business.  Make sure to bring a journal and pen with you so that you  capture all their golden nuggets that will add to you building stamina to succeed.

Your timeous arrival, your contribution and quality of interaction will all add to the flavour, learnings and the spirit of the evening.  Let’s all work together to encourage new memberships.

Join us at:

Venue:        SICA’s

Address:    19 Owen Ave Berea

Date:          TUESDAY 15 May 2018 

Time:          17h30 Registration for 18h00 sharp start.  Finish 21h00. 

Cost:           First time Guests – no charge

R300.00 for non-members

R120.00 for spouses

Dress:        Smart business wear

Our Speakers are:


Anneme Coetzee

Vino Govender

Anneme Coetzee is a new member of PSASA.  Anneme speaks from the perspective and authority of being a Life Coach.

Vino Govender has just completed a trip to India which she relates to always being such an experience.  Whilst not currently a Member, I am hoping that Vino will find us irresistible and need to renew her membership. 



  • 17h30 to 18h00: Registration Table: Please sign in and make your menu choice
  • 18h00 sharp:
      • Welcome – Members Introduced
      • Members to introduce their Guests
      • Notices
  • 18h15 to 18:30:  Roger Knowles – AGM Formalities
  • 18h30 to 19h10: Anneme Coetzee – How Empowered are You?
  • 19h10 to 19h30: Break and Networking
  • 19h30 to 20h00: Vino Govender – “Perseverance Makes it Happen”
  • 20h00: Close of meeting
  • 20h00 to 21h00ish: Dinner, Drinks and Networking

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No, not attending

Members please note that you will now be asked to welcome your Guests to the meeting.  A little info about their background and their industry would enrich our meeting and our networking with them.

At the same time, Members, please remember to also introduce yourself to the meeting.

Guests, should you feel that there is a “fit” between yourself and PSASA Kzn Chapter, we welcome your questions.  Please do request an Application Form.  Hand your forms to Mel Gard.

Application Forms may also be downloaded at:

http://psasouthernafrica.co.za/ / home page / Application Forms.

Feel free to bring your marketing material with you to network.  

A cash bar is available pre-meeting, at the break and at the dinner table.

Please feel free to make suggestions as to Speakers you would like me to ask to contribute to our meetings. I would need their full contact details, area of expertise and how you see them adding value to us as Speakers. 

So our 15 May 2018 meeting is just around the corner.  Please note that our next meeting will be back on track for the first Tuesday of June, being 05 June 2018. Please don’t let it sneak up on you given the short space of time between this meeting and the next.

Contact me, Barbara Johnson on 082 784 7656 if you have any queries.

Members and Guests, we look forward to learning together into Loving Speaking.


Owner - Leadership Dimensions Solutions (Pty) Ltd
President - Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, KZN

Johannesburg Chapter Meeting - 12 July 2018

PSASA Johannesburg Chapter Meeting - 12 July 2018

“Bringing Authenticity Back to Coaching, Speaking, Facilitating and Consulting”

Dear PSASA members and friends,

Nikki Sing (aka the Queen of Implementation) is a Business Implementation Coach. Her processes of intervention are based on many years of experience conducting the implementation of processes, strategy, customer service, human (staff) management as well as products and systems (brainstorming, planning, roll-outs) with corporate clients.

Using skills developed through these principles and foundations, she is working with entrepreneurs that are serious about seeing an improvement in their success or wanting to add value to others through their business initiative.

Her discussion will highlight how one needs to “Bring Authenticity Back to Coaching, Speaking, Facilitating and Consulting”.

Nikki commits and reflects to being authentic, truthful and compassionate, holding all of us accountable for the actions that we need to take to build our success.  By following the journey to DO business in a Dimension of Authenticity, we are able to understand the REAL us and build solid foundation blocks by understanding what motivates all of us and how we deal with change.  Nikki will be assisting us to plan, understand and guide implementation of what is necessary to either get our business started or how we can provide the necessary focus for us as existing entrepreneurs who wish to enhance our businesses.

“Back to the Future – equipping a child to take on an ever-changing world”

Dr. Ken Resnick is a registered educational psychologist. Ken started his career in education as a Senior Primary School educator. He then went on to complete his B. Com., B. Com. (Hons.) and M.Com (Industrial Psychology) degrees. Being keen to register as an educational psychologist he was required to complete his B.Ed. (psig) degree at Pretoria University. He has been in practice since 1988. He has also had 20 years’ experience as a school counsellor/psychologist and was awarded a doctorate that scientifically evaluated and validated his Smartchoiceparenting Programme (SCPP) that he had developed. He has presented his SCPP and conducted workshops for both parents and teachers for the past 10 years.  He has been the step-parent to 3 children who together with their mother has successfully raised them according to the principles and structures of his programme.

Ken is of the opinion that the SCPP is the only evidence-based parenting programme that has overwhelming success in dealing with the full spectrum of childhood developmental problems including extreme disorders such as  Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional defiance Disorder (ODD), encopresis (soiling), enuresis (bed-wetting), school refusal  amongst others to more regressive problems such as sleeping in parent’s bed, not wanting to get dressed, not brushing teeth to poor school performance. 

Kind regards,
Ian Bratt

Kindly RSVP by 16h00 on Wednesday 11th  of July for venue setup and catering preparation.

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Date: Thursday, 12 July 2018

Time: Dinner at 18h30, meeting starts at 19h00

Venue: HB Connect in Sandton (165 West Street Corner Fredman Drive Sandton | Basement parking is at 2 Sandown Valley Crescent). See map here.

Fee: Free for PSASA Members and Associates, R180 pp for Member/Associate partners, R320 pp for visitors

Payment: Registration and Payment can be done using the online Quicket system at http://qkt.io/rsLPG2

Upon completion of your registration you will be sent an event ticket, please ensure you are in possession of this ticket when attending the event.

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Pretoria Chapter Meeting 18 July 2018

PSASA Pretoria Chapter Meeting - 18 July 2018

Wednesday, 18 July 2018, 18:30

Dear PSASA members,

Please join us on Wednesday evening, 18 July, 18:15 for 18:30 when we will be joined by Charlotte Kemp and Lorraine Jenks as our speakers. Charlotte will present on speaking categories you need to know for clarity, positioning and success, followed by Lorraine who will present the topic: Future proof your family first. Future proof your business fast.

Charlotte is a speaker, futurist and author and has been a member of PSASA for over 8 years. She has served as Chapter President for the Cape Chapter, been convention convenor in 2015 and served as Secretary to the Global Speakers Federation.

Charlotte loves the speaking industry and wants to uncover the nuances that make professional speaking such a powerful tool for change and influence. She pokes around the various elements of speaking and conferences until she finds patterns and clarity and what she has learned is what she wants to share in this presentation.

Speaking categories you need to know for clarity, positioning and success 

Learn the difference between categories of speakers and trainers, clients and audiences, global vs international, workshops vs keynotes and more, that will help you to define your niche, help clients choose you and be more successful in your speaking business.

Sustainability facilitator, greening specialist, climate change leader, and ethical food activist as a professional speaker, Lorraine advocates responsible practices for public and private sectors.

A teacher by profession, her sustainability journey began in California in the 1970s, working with the infant EPA.  She then spent 15 years as Group Procurement Manager for Africa’s largest hotel chain. She is an accredited Climate Reality Leader, trained by ex US Sen. Al Gore with her most recent research on the impact of climate change in Africa; how to prepare and adapt.

Future proof your family first. Future proof your business fast.

Cape Town’s water crisis is our clarion call to wake up to the reality of climate change - the potentially disastrous threat to our very survival.  Virtuous verbiages like “carbon footprint, sustainability, and going green” have become tired, hackneyed clichés. Short showers, LEDs and paper straws are short term solutions.  We need a catastrophic, global Pearl Harbour; a WWII- type mobilisation; a Marshall Plan.  The planet is fine – we’re not.  So, what about our kids?  Twenty years from now, they will say “Hey, Mom, Dad!  You knew.  What did you do?”  So, what did you do?  What can you do?  Once we understand the “why” – we instinctively seek the “what” - then discover the surprisingly simple “how”.  No doom and gloom. Let Lorraine entertain you, share solutions, inspire and give you hope.

Kindly RSVP by Monday, 16 July 2018 for venue setup and catering preparation.

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Date: Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Time: Dinner at 18h30, meeting starts at 19h00

Venue: Woodhill Country Club (map here)

Fee: Free for PSASA Members and Associates, R140 pp for Member/Associate partners | R200 pp for visitors

Payment: Registration and Payment can be done using the online Quicket system at http://qkt.io/Epg1Sc

Upon completion of your registration you will be sent an event ticket, please ensure you are in possession of this ticket when attending the event.

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Cape Chapter Workshop: Saturday, 28 July 2018

PSASA Cape Chapter Workshop
Frame Persuasion Dynamics

Saturday, 28 July 2018, 09h00

Dear PSASA members and friends,

Back in May, Chris Adlam wow-ed us with his 5-minute presentation on selling. The feedback on his brief introduction to his sales process was so positive that we asked him to run a half day workshop for us so we can dig into his process a whole lot deeper.

And he agreed!

Join us on Saturday, 28 July for a bonus PSASA event for speakers, coaches  and trainers… and anyone else who wants to learn how to sell…

But book soon – seats are limited.

Lois Strachan

PSASA Cape Chapter President 2018/19.

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Frame Persuasion Dynamics

In a world where everything is for sale, Frame Persuasion Dynamics is a powerful proven methodology that gives you superior selling and persuasion skills.

The secrets of Frame Persuasion Dynamics are giving SUCCESSFUL speakers, sales people, managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs and any ethical leaders an advantage in influential communication.

In this workshop, Chris Adlam will break the Frame Dynamics system into core elements, specific strategies, and techniques necessary to effectively CLOSE THE SALE at the highest level.

You will learn how to:

  • Open the sale
  • Ask the right questions
  • Tell powerful sales stories
  • Use Persuasive Language Patterns
  • Handle objections
  • Close the sale 

Frame Persuasion Dynamics is the result of more than a decade of research. You can apply the methodology in diverse and real business environments. Frame Persuasion Dynamics is designed to align the key forces necessary for success in any environment!

"Over the years I have trained many sales people from the good, the bad and the ugly and I discovered Sales people are made not born! Many  struggling salespeople become the most successful because they have learnt the secrets of "Frame Persuasion Dynamics" Chris Adlam.

“Applying Frame Persuasion Dynamics our Club V sales team experienced an impressive 25% improvement in overall sales in this period. In our retention department the Frame Persuasion Dynamics methodology saw an impressive improvement, with closing ratio of 1;6 from an initial 1;14 prior to the training. This is an improvement of more than 140%. The conversion rate of 7% increased to 17%.” Joseph Motswia Head of Virgin Active Contact centre.

Click here to register

Date: Saturday, 28 July 2018

Time: 8h30, starts at 09h00

Venue: Venture Workspace, 11 Imam Haron Road, Claremont


  • R200 for paid-up PSASA members
  • R400 for non-PSASA members
  • Tea/coffee and light snacks will be included.

Payment: Registration and Payment can be done using the online Quicket system at https://www.quicket.co.za/events/52561-psasa-cape-chapter-workshop-frame-persuasion-dynamics/

Upon completion of your registration you will be sent an event ticket, please ensure you are in possession of this ticket when attending the event. 

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National PSASA Convention 2018 in Johannesburg!

XLR8 - Accelerate your Speaking Career

18 International Speakers and Entertainers

To register, click here.

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Want to Grow your Speaking and Training Business?

Successful speakers from all over the world will be attending the PSASA Convention in April this year with the sole purpose of sharing their knowledge and experience with you. Sit side by side with multi million dollar speakers and find out how they made their millions. Book your convention ticket here

PSASA Convention at the Indaba Hotel

The convention this year is held in the Indaba hotel, Johannesburg. Well known for its excellent food and atmosphere and accommodation.

Attend the Pre-Con with Billy Selekane SAHoF CSP
Billy Selekane is one of the most successful Speakers in South Africa. Year after year he has made millions of dollars influencing audiences around the world. In the Pre-Con session Billy will be sharing with us his success model, going into detail about how we all can also develop our businesses to the same level. Book now for the $1 Million Blueprint. (How to build a sustainable speaker business in times of disruption). This session alone is worth 10 times the entrance fee and is a great way to start the convention. Book Here for the Pre-Con
Saturday sponsored by USB.
Dress up for the Gala Dinner on Saturday
The PSASA Gala Dinner and awards ceremony, is always the highlight of the convention. Tuxedos and traditional dress is encouraged but not obligatory. Television star Sunil Osman will be entertaining us along with Christian Heath playing throughout the evening. The Gala dinner is all part of the convention package. Book here for the convention.

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PSASA Gauteng Invitation: Seat-At-My-Table: 21 July 2018

PSASA Gauteng invites you to Seat-At-My-Table

Saturday, 21 July 2018, 18h30 for 19h00
at the home of Nina Pieters



Dear PSASA Members and friends,

Nina will be hosting the July Seat-at-my-Table evening. During the evening you will mingle with fellow speakers and share many stories and ideas, great food and great company. The number of seats is limited and are available on a first-respond-first-booked basis (only email response bookings will be accepted). The dinner is open to all members of the PSASA (partners/ spouses welcome). There is no charge to attend.

Here's how it works ...

The host opens the invites for as many seats around the table he/she can accommodate.

The host sets the menu and asks those who are attending to help contribute by bringing a bowl or drinks, etc. Please ensure that you bring enough to cater for the number of invited guests. This ensures that the host does not have a huge financial burden and spend days preparing.

If you accept the invitation and do not inform the host at least the day before the dinner that you are not attending, you will join the blacklist. The reason is that others who were turned away lose out and the host has short-catered. 

Date: Saturday, 21 July 2018

Time: 18h30 for 19h00

Venue: Sharonlea (address and directions will be sent to the booked guests)

RSVP: trevorketler@ketler.co.za Please book your seat directly with Trevor. There are only a few seats available, so book now to avoid disappointment!

Online Meeting - 19 June 2018

The Value of Masterminds Charlotte Kemp
19 June 2018

Dear PSASA members and friends,

It is always wonderful to come across a technique that can help to elevate our lives that is simultaneously really valuable, highly recommended, costs nothing, and is sugar-free. Introducing Masterminds!

Masterminds are informal groups of people who commit to meeting together to support each other in the growth of whatever part of their lives is most relevant.

In this meeting, we will discuss the value of masterminds, how you can set one up and what progress you can expect to make while part of a group of likeminded, supportive and accountable colleagues.

Charlotte Kemp will present this session. Charlotte is a part of a women speakers mastermind which has been running for 3 years. Much of her progress in her career has come from the support, encouragement and shared learning of this group. Charlotte also uses masterminds professionally, running short term sessions within industries to either source leads, research information or to teach new content.

Click here to register

Date: Tuesday 19 June 2018

Time: 6.30 - 8.00 pm

Online on Zoom

Jim Rohn once said “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Raise your performance by choosing and working with 5 great colleagues.

The value of Masterminds

Cindy Pivacic: Save time on useless experiments -  I believe that networking in Mastermind groups provides a more intense look into the speaking industry and gives the participants an opportunity to share their successes and pitfalls and put into practice some of those skills, thereby saving time on useless pursuits.

Hani du Toit: Gain a Board of Directors - Belonging to a mastermind group has pushed me to expand my game and take on new ways of growing my confidence and my speaking business. I bring along my committed listening, my time, my curiosity and my candour and in return I have gained supporters, challengers, cheerleaders, a board of directors and even a few referrals. I highly recommend joining a diverse mastermind group with a shared goal you can strive toward together.

Lois Strachan: Challenged to think differently - When I joined a woman speakers mastermind I expected to be surrounded by a group of people who could understand the journey I was travelling with my speaking business. And certainly that is part of what I’ve received. Over and above that I’ve also found a place where I’ve been challenged to think differently, encouraged to action items I might not otherwise have done, been held accountable in a supportive and encouraging manner and, above all, been given space to share both my challenges and my successes. Being part of a mastermind has been both a positive and highly productive experience.

Aletta Rochat: Support for people working on their own - Being part of a Mastermind group is incredibly valuable. I leave each meeting with new ideas and tips. I feel supported, which is very important when you for yourself. Not to mention all the fun we have when we are together.

We look forward to sharing with you at this meeting.

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The PSASA was founded to help its members achieve excellence in their careers as professional speakers.

And, to uphold and maintain the highest standards of professional speaking to the benefit of its members and their clients.

Our members include experts who speak on many topics and in almost all industries.

Our members include:

  • Professional speakers
  • Conference speakers
  • Celebrity speakers
  • Business speakers
  • Keynote speakers
  • Motivational speakers
  • Humourists
  • Trainers
  • Authors

Who should join?

The PSASA is an Association for Professional Speakers (ie paid speakers) who are earning all  or a part of their income from speaking and training to audiences. Read more…


The PSASA has two Types of Members
The minimum qualifying criteria are set out. Read more…


Voices of Experience, a monthly audio CD, features interviews with the masters of the speaking business worldwide. These publications are mailed 10 times per year and are received by all Professional members. Candidate members may access the audio online and may download the magazine in PDF format. Read more …

Application Form

This application must be accompanied by:
1) Applicant’s signature on the Code of Professional Ethics
2) Membership category verification schedule and documents
2) Payment in full of initiation fee

Please complete the form, and type or print all supporting information clearly and submit to the National Administrator on fax number 086 245 7258. View Application Form

Other Forms

These are all the supporting documents to accompany your application. View other forms

Professional Speaker

If you are a Professional Speaker earning part or all of your income from speaking then the PSASA could be for you. Check out the benefits to your speaking business.

Aspiring Speaker

We also cater for aspiring speakers that wish to build a career as a Professional Speaker. Our monthly meetings add a lot of value to aspiring speakers. Learn about the difference between our levels of membership.

Event Planner

If you are looking for a seasoned Professional Speaker that will add serious value to your next convention, click here.