PSASA 2013 Convention

professional speakers tool kitThe Professional Speakers Tool Kit

The 2013 PSASA Convention was held in Misty Hills Hotel, Johannesburg. The theme was “The Professional Speakers Tool Kit”.


The conference convenor was Jacques de Villiers and the National President was Adolph Kaestner.


Speakers included Clem Sunter SASHoF, Cheryl Cran CSP, HoF (Canada and GSF), Ron Culberson CSP, MSW (USA) Lesley Everet FPSA (UK),Callie Roos, Michael Kerr CSP, HoF (Canada), Celynn Erasmus, Rosemary Hossenlopp (USA), Rebecca Morgan CSP, CMC (USA), Stef Du Plessis CSP, SASHoF, SdPFA, Douglas Kruger, Paul du Toit CSP, SdPFA, Richard Mulvey, Robin Wheeler