PSASA 2012 Convention

Vocal is Lekker

Convention 2012

The 2013 PSASA Convention was held in Durban at the Elangeni Hotel. The theme was “Vocal is Lekker”.

Claire Newton was the conference Convenor and the Presidents that year were Wolfgang Riebe CSP and Paul du Toit CSP, SdPFA.

Speakers included: Andreas Buhr (Gerrmany), Charles Marcus (Canada), Holger Woeltje, Janelle Barlow CSP (USA), Mykola Latansky (Ukraine), Laura Stack Wolfgang Boenisch (Germany), Martin Limbeck (Germany) , Richard McCann (UK), Dr Bertie Du Plessis (SA) and Dr Petro Janse van Vuuren (SA), Francois Muscat, Dr Mark Manley, Jurgen Tietz and Jacques de Villiers .