Past Presidents / Professional Speakers

PSASA Past Presidents Are:-


2004/05 Stef du Plessis CSPGlobal, SASHoF, SdPFA

  • National Board established
  • Founded the NSASA
  • 1st Constitution
  • Assoc. Membership IFFPS
  • International Visitors and Support
Stef du Plessis 2015
2005/06 Paul du Toit CSPGlobal, SdPFA

  • Full Membership IFFPS
  • 1st – PSASA Convention -Mount Grace
  • Membership Certificates – Founders
  • NSASA Web Site Launched
 Paul du Toit CSP
2006/07 Billy Selekane CSP, SASHoF

  • First constitution revised
  • Forum for discussion between PSASA and Speaker bureaus launched
  • Awards Criteria committee establised to consider PSASA Awards
2007/08 Annie Greeff CSP, SdPFA
1953 – 2013

  • Formation of Regional Chapters
  • National Board Included Regional Chapter Presidents
  • APS Started
  • 1st Year Awards handed out
  • PSASA Benevolent Fund Launched
  • Brochure on how to become a professional speaker
  • Marketing brochure on benefits of being a member of the Association
  • Welcome letter, feedback form and application process
  • First Africa members officially joined the Association as paying members
  • Agreement with 3S Media – Professional Members listed on the 3S Media website
2008/09 Richard Mulvey

  • Change of Name to PSASA
  • Pro Member Pins
  • New Pro Member Certificates
  • Hosted Global Speaker Summit
2009/10 Dr. Gustav Gous CSP

  • 1st PSASA Directory Published

No longer a member of PSASA

2010/11 Dr. Wolfgang Riebe CSP

  • First PSASA Book Published
  • PSASA Brochure for Potential Members
2011/12 Dr. Wolfgang Riebe CSP

  • Constitution Rewritten
  • National Board becomes Presidents Council
  • The Term Board now refers to Chapter Boards
  • Policy and Procedures Handbook Created
 2012/13  Adolph P Kaestner

  •  Negotiated database move and services with e-Speakers
  • Launched new modern Web Site
  • Established the First Camp PSASA
  •  Wrote the PSASA Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Issued membership Certificates for all members and associates
  • Established Welcome packs for all members New and Existing
  • Created  ID Pins for Presidents Council members
  •  PSASA Flags
  • Developed Client Brochure for PSASA
  • Defined and explained Value Proposition for members
  • Coordinated New Criteria for membership project
  • Changed AGM and Convention format












 Jacques de Villiers





Roger Knowles SdPFA





Robin Pullen

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