What is it?

What is a Certified Speaking Professional?                                                         

The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, conferred by the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation, is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform skill.

The CSP designation is earned through demonstrating competence in a combination of standards:

  • Professional platform skills;
  • Professional business management;
  • Professional education; and
  • Professional association.

Speakers must be members of PSASA or another GSF organization for at least three years and complete a rigorous application process to earn the CSP designation.

Professional speakers who have earned the CSP designation bring a proven track record of experience and expertise to your meeting.

As speakers go through the five-year process of becoming certified, they are required to:

  • Receive excellent ratings from past clients on performance evaluations
  • Demonstrate that they serve a wide variety of clients
  • Take part in ongoing education
  • Perform and document hundreds of presentations
  • Submit testimonial letters from their clients and
  • Provide samples of their promotional materials.

In Short – It is the equivalent of a Doctorate Degree in Professional Speaking.


A Mandate for Leadership in a Rapidly Changing World
(taken from cspglobal.net)

The Global Speakers Federation (GSF) is the world-wide professional body serving the interests of their individual members while advancing the professional speaking community globally  Through the relationships with member associations and global meetings industry partners, the GSF provides education to support the unique skills for presenting to audiences outside of the cultural and linguistic set of a speaker’s home country.

In alignment with the GSF mission and in response to the expanding international nature of the needs of global speaking members, international clients and global audiences, GSF has established the framework for a designation recognizing professional speakers successfully presenting at a global level. Conferred by the GSF on members who hold the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation or the Fellow of the Professional Speaker Association (FPSA) and who have sustained a successful speaking business across numerous global geographical regions.The designation CSPGlobal indicates recognition by peers and clients of global speaking competence and experience. The CSP is presented to accomplished professional speakers by the GSF member associations including FPSA of PSA UKICSP of NSAA and CSP of NSAUS.Support for high-level professionalism in the global speaking profession promotes the wider use of accomplished professional speakers and expands the credibility and value of all global speakers.Bringing value to the global meetings industry supports effective partnerships between speakers and those who hire them; it fosters confidence in the markets of GSF member associations and emerging speaking associations. This confidence plays an increasingly important role as a driver and facilitator of the adoption, and high-quality implementation, of high standards in those regions of the world with emerging markets for professional speaker services.

The CSPGlobal designation is a leading indicator that a CSP designee is competent in the core competencies unique to global speaking.