Types of Speaking Businesses

Typical Speaking Business Models

Professional Speakers

  • Also referred to as Keynote Speakers
  • These speakers take on the professional career of speaking for a living and derive all or a substantial 80% + of their income from speaking.
  • They train and develop their speaking and presentation skills over a number of years.
  • Most often fall into the category of Motivational or Inspirational Speakers.
  • Professional Speakers are also often Trainers – see below.
  • They often act as MC’s at events as well.

Part Time Professional Speakers

  • These are Professional Speakers who hold down full time jobs but also speak as professional Paid speakers on the circuit.
  • They typically do this either as a hobby and usually derive less than 30% of their income from speaking engagements.

Amateur Speakers

  • These are usually Aspiring Professional Speakers and they speak on the circuit for Zero speaker’s fee and or a very small fee to cover their direct costs only.
  • They are also often part time speakers and earning no direct income from theis speaking engagements.

Consultants, Mentors and Coaches

  • These are often Speakers and Trainer who offer Consultancy as an extension of their specialist knowledge areas
  • Some also offer Mentoring and Business Coaching services;

Authors and Content Providers

  • These are speakers who speak by virtue of their books and or material that they provide to people and companies at large.
  • They are asked to speak as result of their published work and become
  • They usually have a series of books, DVD’s, CD’s training programs etc

Individual, Partnerships, Companies

  • The professional speakers often adopt a business model best suited to their own styles
  • Many work as One man/woman operations whist others look to forming partnerships and associations with other like minded speakers.
  • Some form companies specialising in a single niche market or a diversified market and or specialised product offering.
  • Speakers also often collaborate to create a specialised Conference or event where they compliments each other’s topics and skill sets.