New Speakers

The Speaking Industry is often perceived as a Glamour Profession where people speak for an hour or so and make a lot of money.

The reality however is that the Speaking Profession is one of the toughest professions to establish yourself and make a sustainable career out of.

It is a profession that profoundly influences the lives of others and as such Professional Speakers take both the content of their talks and how they deliver and apply their skills to the benefit of their audiences very seriously.

In this section of the web site we have made available several pages of information to assist New and Aspiring Speakers who are looking to inter this profession with some insights as to what it takes.

We at the PSASA look forward to welcoming you to the fold as soon as you have mastered the basics of the profession and will do all we can to assist you grow both your business and your skill.

So go for it – learn and practice your skills, establish your business and then come and join us – we are waiting to see you grow with us.