The following are some accreditation given to speakers worldwide:

  • CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)
  • CPAE (Council of Peers Award for Excellence)
  • DTM (Distinguished Toast Master)

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Speakers Bureaus

After about a year of discussion between many of the various Bureaus and Speaker’s Agents in South Africa, and the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, we have come up with a list of guidelines below. It must be understood that these are simply guidelines and neither the speakers nor the bureaus have agreed to be bound by these. They are, however, good principles to live by.

As in all things the best way to insure a solid business relationship between you and another party is for both to agree and sign a contract. This contract should include many of the guidelines below. It is hoped that we will have a draft contract posted on this website at some stage, but for the moment we hope you find the guidelines of some practical use. Read more …


The PSASA has two standard awards:

  • The Founders Award – This is the Highest Honour of the PSASA.
  • PSASA Southern African Speakers Hall of Fame

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