Speakers Briefing Guideline

Every Speaker wants to know as much as possible about your and your audiences needs prior to the assignment so that they can ensure that they deliver the best possible speech, training, facilitation for you.

Below is a very comprehensive briefing sheet and covers just about all the questions a speaker would ask and need input on.

Remember the more you give the better chance you have of getting what you want.

Speaker Assignment Briefing

Please supply as much detail as possible – This will ensure   maximum benefit to you.

Your Personal and Contact Information
Your Title: *
Your First Name: *
Your Surname: *
Your Position in the Business: *
Your Telephone number: *
Your Fax number:
Your Cell number:
Your e-Mail address: *
Best Time for me to Reach You:
Your Business / Organisation Information
Business Name: *
Nature of Business / Products etc.
Business Physical address: *
 Line 1
 Line 2
 Line 3
Business Postal address: P O Box

Post Office



Business e-Mail address:
Business Web Site address:
Business Telephone number: *
Business Fax number:


3rd Party Intro / Agent Info.
Name of Introducer / Agent
Details of Intro Assignment
Agreed Fee / Commission
Your Event Information
What is this Occasion / Event? *(eg. Conference,Team Build, Training)
What is the THEME of this event?
What Other Event/s have you had in the past year?
What are the Dates for this event?
What is the Dress Code for this event?
Actual Assignment Date & Time
Date Talk / Workshop Required: *
Presentation Start Time
Presentation End Time
Duration of Talk / Workshop: *
Who will Introduce the Speaker (e.g. MC name and contact info) Tel:                           e-Mail:
Your Speaker Requirements
What would you like the speaker to achieve:
(Choose more than one if necessary)
Deliver an Opening Keynote Address
Deliver a Closing Keynote Address
Deliver a Breakaway or Secondary Address
Conduct an In-House/Tailored Training Session(s)
Deliver a Conference Presentation
Motivate and Inspire the Audience
Provide Humour, Laughter, and Entertainment
MC a Function
Chair a Conference / Meeting / AGM etc
Facilitate a Workshop / Brainstorm Session etc
    – Other


If Other, please specify:
What are your specific objectives that you want the speaker to achieve?
What SENSITIVE ISSUES should be Avoided?
What takes place directly BEFORE The Speakers Slot on the Programme?
What takes place directly AFTER The Speakers Slot on the Programme?
Who are the Other Speakers on the Programme?
Which Professional Speakers / Trainers have you used in the past?
What did you LIKE about their performance?
What did you DISLIKE about their performance?
Please expand a bit on what you would like me to concentrate on   based on your current needs for this audience/ event: *
Your Audience Information
Approx. Size of Audience: *
Approx. Audience Mix Percentages: Gender Mix: Male:                  Female:          Ethnic Mix:Language Mix: Eng            Afr         OtherAge Mix: 20-30         30-40       40-50       50+
Company Mix Percentage: Company Staff                   Clients              Other
Management / Staff Mix: Management                     Staff
Is this a Specialist Group? If so, please give details:
Please list 3 items you believe I should know before addressing this group?
What are YOUR Goals for this Audience at this event?
Any Other Information that may help me to make this presentation relevant to this audience?
Adult Content – How sensitive is this audience to adult content?
Your Venue Information
Country of your Event: *
Region / Province of your Event:*
City / Town of your Event: *
Actual Venue of your Event: (Please supply full Street address)
Venue Contact Persons Name
Venue Contact Cell & Tel No’s
When   will Room be available for Set-up and AV / Sound Testing etc?
AV, Room Set Up & Handouts
Room   Set-Up   U-Shape      Classroom      Crescent      Rounds    Theatre
Microphones   Headset       Lapel              Hand-held     Audience Mic.
Audio Visual   Laptop         Data Proj.       Screen         Flipcharts     Podium
Handouts   Notes           PowerPoint     Book            Electronic     Other
 Line 1
Accommodation & Travel
Is there Accommodation available ?
Hotel Name & Contact Details
Arrival Date and Time
Departure Date and Time
Nearest Airport
Car Rental / Pick Up details
Accom. & Travel  Arrangements By Speaker    By   Client     Other
How did you hear about me / Who referred   you? Please   provide details
My   Brochure
My   Website
Promotional   e-Mail
An Advert
A   Referral
An Agent
Other   (please specify)
Please confirm that this information is correct.
Date of Signature

Thank you for providing me with this information.

This will assist me in tailoring this intervention to suit your and your group’s needs so that you can all derive maximum benefit from our time together.

Kind regards

Any   other information that may be relevant:-