How to Select a Speaker

Finding and Selecting a Speaker

In the past Companies, Bureaus, Agents, Meeting Planners and Executive Secretaries would source speakers from conference programmes, names they had heard about, references and lists and directories. Seldom did they know if the speaker was either as good as they said they were, able to provide the correct solution to the client’s needs and or trustworthy enough to arrive at the venue on the day.

The increasing pace of change, the heightened sophistication of audiences and the focus on achieving results has led to a demand for polished and professional speakers who know how to effectively connect with an audience and provide then with solutions to their needs.

The role of the PSASA – as we see it!

The Speaking industry in South and Southern Africa has been maturing over the past 30 years and since 2005 the PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa) has been working on getting the professional speakers in the region together and setting professional standards of ethics.

The PSASA is also maturing and over the past year many aspiring speakers who joined the PSASA have realised that being a true professional is not as easy as it looks and have decided to refrain from calling themselves professional speakers. On the other hand those members who do speak and get paid for speaking (training, consulting) have had the opportunity to test and develop both their platform and business skills and have raised the bar of Professional Speaking in Southern Africa.

The PSASA has as its primary objectives the following:-

  • To provide its members with a Professional Platform and Association that will be recognised as the professional body in Southern Africa.
  • To develop a set of standards in the industry that will be able to make those wanting a speaker trust in the accreditations of its members.
  • It provides continuous development programmes for its members that will enable them to perfect their craft as speakers and their speaking businesses.
  • To promote its members so that all those wishing to hire a speaker can have the confidence that the PSASA members have the skills and delver what the clients need.

Our members are assessed and strive for excellence in the following speaking competencies.

  1. Professional Awareness
  2. Professional Relationships
  3. Topic Development
  4. Platform Mechanics
  5. Presenting and Performing
  6. Authorship and Product Development
  7. Sales and Marketing
  8. Managing the Business

The New Trends

PSASA Professional Speakers are now seen daily at events across Southern Africa. They are presenting to small team sales meetings and service group dinners to huge corporate and government conventions and multinational conferences. Our PSASA members will be seen presenting keynotes, workshops and seminars, and acting as facilitators, trainers and MCs.

Some of the PSASA members travel and present internationally, others focus on South Africa and Southern African audiences and we invite you to search the PSASA Directory on this web site for your next event speaker.

And please let us know what your experiences are; –

If they delivered and over delivered we would like to know But if they did not we would like to know as well so that we can help them improve.